A jouney of faith...that will take us to Ethiopia

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sprinklers, brothers and tons of food...

We are not at the 3 week mark since bringing Jordis home and are continually adjusting to having another little one at home and trying to figure each other out.
She has done very well and is having fun with big brother Ashton.  She is a spit-fire...wow.  This little girl can hold her own.  She out eats the rest of the family - seriously.  I don't know where she puts it, but I have never seen a kid eat like this.  She loves anything that drives (that's my girl), loves to ride in the car, on the 4 wheeler and mower.  She loves being mommy's helper and loves exploring outside.

First day on the 4 wheeler - she loved it!

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Sprinklers? Yes Please.


Our second trip to Addis was the most anticipated trip full of unknowns.  This was the trip that we would get to bring Jordis home...which is very exciting.  However we had so many questions; what would she eat, when would she sleep, would she sleep, would she freak out when we boarded the plane, how would she react to Ashton.
After two days of flights we arrived at the transition home where we would pick Jordis up.  It was great...when she came through the gate into the courtyard, she remembered us and ran to our arms!  The next few days were full of discovery and adjustment.
Everything went smoothly and quickly at the Embassy and two days later, our guide showed up at our door with a visa, passport and all necessary paperwork for us to leave the country that night.
I must tell you, 3 flights over the course of 24 hours is enough to make anyone a little frustrated - but when you are a 2 year old who has never worn a seatbelt and been forced to stay in one place for an entire day in a plane, it can be interesting.  Adoption tip - if you ever do adopt internationally, remember that you will never see the people on the plane again - they will get over it.

Jordis after we landed on U.S. soil - adopted and full U.S. citizen.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Packing complete!

Finally, it is here!  We cleared the Embassy two weeks ago and got our tickets booked...3 tickets that is.  We finished packing our bags yesterday and tomorrow we will leave to travel to Addis Ababa to pick up Jordis!!!  We will arrive on Saturday morning in Ethiopia and spend 5 days in Addis.  Monday is our Embassy appointment and we will receive her visa and be back in our country, in our home with our daughter!  Excited does not describe how we are feeling right now.  I have never been so excited to sit on an airplane for 24 hours.   We would love your prayers as we travel and begin our lives together.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update on Embassy

We heard from the Embassy yesterday that they need 3 additional documents before we are cleared.  Our agency said there is no set timeline on how long this takes.


 This morning our agency said they have found 2 of the 3 documents and are working on the 3rd!  There is a chance that our paperwork could be submitted again for review tomorrow.  Praying that we will clear and be able to book tickets to get Jordis.  

Submitted to the Embassy

We were submitted to the US Embassy for review on June 22!  This process can take 1-10 days for them to  communicate to us that we have cleared or that they need to see more documents.  We have friends who have cleared in 4 days and friends who have waited months.  It is very hard not to get a little bit anxious!  Please join us in prayer that all of our documents would be there, so that we can go back to Ethiopia to bring Jordis home.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Step Closer

Yesterday our paperwork was submitted to the U.S. Embassy for approval!  The checklist of things to do to "bring baby sister home" is almost finished.  We are praying and hoping for a quick approval of our paperwork so that we can go back to Ethiopia to bring Jordis home.  Can't wait!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Well we have been back a week and a half and are slowly getting adjusted back to our time zone.  I have never been so tired, but I can't wait until we get to make the next trip to bring our sweet Jordis home!  There are not many reasons that one might get excited for such an exhausting trip...she is one.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are some of the words that this picture represents.

-I can't believe it
-We are finally here
-She is amazing
-I am so humbled that God has allowed us to be a part of this little angel's life
-I would rather be no other place than right here, right now
-My heart breaks that there are so many kids in this position
-God planted a dream in the heart of a little girl more than 25 years - and now he is completing it.
- I am so happy
-I can't wait to see this little angel grow up
-We waited for four years for this day, it is more than I ever anticipated
-I am so amazed at how God has orchestrated things and provided for us so that we could be here now
-I want to savor this moment forever